Defending DUI Cases


Fighting a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania is something you do not want to do alone, unaware of what to do-or with a general practice attorney that doesn’t specialize in fighting DUI charges.  A DUI arrest can mean jail time.  A DUI arrest can mean a license suspension.  You need serious representation from a criminal trial attorney with years of DUI experience fighting and winning in the Pennsylvania DUI court system, and you can begin to get the help you need here by having the details of your arrest analyzed by me, entirely for free.  I have been handling DUI cases for over 25 years.

One of the most common and costly mistakes people first make is learning what to do for a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania is hiring an expensive general practice attorney to fight their case, who isn’t  skilled or experienced enough in fighting and winning DUI cases.  Just because a lawyer takes on your case doesn’t mean they will necessarily be the best attorney to fight and beat a Pennsylvania DUI arrest case successfully.  Even if you already have an attorney for your case, as with most important potentially life-altering decisions in life-having a second opinion to help ensure the attorney you chose to retain is doing all they should be for fighting your DUI case, is always a smart course of action.  Since this resource I provide is totally free to you, why settle for anything less than the most thorough examination of your arrest, which could only work to your benefit



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