Rely on the legal assistance of William McElroy for criminal defense in Montgomery County and Bucks County.  I have the experience and expertise to fight for your rights against charges in a wide range of criminal offenses.  I can also assist with record expungements.

I have represented individuals and gone to trial in:

♦  DUI cases
♦  Homicides
♦  Assault
♦  Drug Offenses
♦  Kidnapping
♦  Theft
♦  Burglary
♦  Robbery
♦  Weapon Offenses

Other offenses that I have negotiated resolutions include

♦  Domestic violence
♦  Sex crimes
♦  Juvenile Offenses
♦  Retail Theft
♦  Insurance Fraud
♦  Identity Theft
♦  Access Device Fraud
♦  Racketeering

Beginning in November 2016, if you have a criminal record but have been free from arrest or prosecution for the last 10 years, you can limit who sees your criminal record, and I can help.

First of all, the maximum penalty for the crime you committed 10 years ago must not be more than 2 years. Ungraded drug possession offenses count also.

Secondly, it must be 10 years from your last day of supervision.

Thirdly, some crimes don’t qualify like simple assault and intimidating or retaliating against a witness. A potential employer will still see them on your record.

But, if you lived a crime free life for the past 10 years since your supervision ended, you can have that offense EXTRACTED from your criminal record so employers, credit agencies, banks, etc. won’t see it and penalize you for it.

If you have any further questions about this new law, call me at 215-773-0543


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